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Do you know the difference between optical modules and optical transceivers?

Although both optical modules and optical transceivers are used for photoelectric conversion, do you know the difference between them? How to choose? This article will explain in detail the difference between the two and the precautions when connecting. I hope you will gain something after reading it.

Can DAC high-speed cables be used as stacking cables?

In the network switch connection diagram, switch stacking is not common. Stacked network switches can be viewed as a unit for management, which can effectively simplify network configuration and management, and improve network scalability, flexibility

How do you see the speed of the optical module? how to choose?

With the rapid growth of traffic today, data centers have undergone large-scale upgrades and expansions, so people's demand for optical modules is also increasing. In order to adapt to the needs of different speed networks and application environments

Types and applications of single-mode fiber jumpers

Fiber patch cords are widely used transmission media in optical transmission. According to fiber types, they can be divided into single-mode fiber patch cords and multi-mode fiber patch cords. The core diameter of single-mode fiber patch cords is relatively small, ranging from 8 μm to 10 μm

Advantages and disadvantages of optical fiber

Optical fiber plays a huge role in the field of telecommunications and data communication because of its advantages of fast speed, low loss, small size, strong anti-interference ability, and large information carrying capacity


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